The 21st Century is perhaps the most exciting time to be part of the creative economy that includes art, design, culture, entertainment and media, fashion, food, architecture, game design, industrial design, music, film, books, theater, dance and more. As the rate of change in our society accelerates, and the paradigms of business rapidly evolve, our clients need lawyers who enable them to see beyond the next turn — and help them innovate, grow and evolve.

Businesses need legal advisors who can help them power through the obstacles they face daily. MyIP Legal Studio works in 12 locations in Africa to help you do so effortlessly. From obscure regulatory questions to intricate deals and litigation, our team is equipped to guide you through your creative business’s difficult legal decisions.

We represent a wide range of businesses, artists and innovators, working in film and music, fashion, technology and gaming. We help our clients identify opportunities, expand into new markets, launch innovative products and services, protect their assets, resolve disputes, and connect with audiences in new ways. We know our clients’ businesses and understand their personal objectives. And we have tremendous multidisciplinary know-how in today’s technology and mobility trends, which continue to transcend all industries.